A-Frame Screen Rooms

(8x10, 8x12, 10x12, 10x16, 12x16, 12x20)

The screen room is the perfect solution! It’s the perfect place to host a backyard BBQ or birthday party to keep the food inside and out of the reach of those gnats and flies! The screen room features a wood framed structure with Wood Floor. The siding can be 29 Gauge Painted Metal or you can upgrade to a Painted Screen Room. The roof is a 29 Gauge Painted Metal with 18 different color options.

  • Metal or Treated Siding with Sprayed on Stain
  • Metal Roof
  • One Door
  • Ground Contact Treated Skids

Available Options:

  • 5’ Swing
  • Heat Shield
  • 1/2 Benches
  • Composite Floor
  • Glider Swing
  • Table
  • Painted

The screen room can be ordered in any size up to a 12×20.
Please call us for a price if you are looking for a bigger model.