Need a place to grow your veggies or favorite flowers?

The portable Greenhouse is the perfect solution. With a standard “two shelf set up” you have plenty of room for your plants up off the ground. You also have plenty of room to hang your hanging plants from the ceiling.

Each Greenhouse comes with a pressure treated wood bottom perimeter and one door. You can also choose your trim color for no extra charge. If you wanted to customize your Greenhouse, we have plenty of options. From our thermostat regulated louvered fan to pre plumbed water system that you can just hook up to your spigot.

The base price is for an 8×10 Economy Portable Greenhouse. The Greenhouses can be ordered in any size up to a 10×16. Please give us a call if you need a custom size.

The Standard Greenhouse comes with taller side walls, Two Windows & Water System.

Standard Greenhouses

8×12 Greenhouse

10×16 Greenhouse

10×12 Greenhouse

5x8 Free Ranging Chicken Coop

8×10 Greenhouse

Economy Greenhouses

8×10 Economy Greenhouse

5x8 Free Ranging Chicken Coop

8×12 Economy Greenhouse